My Apartment - Main Entrance

Welcome to my apartment. The actual physical location of this apartment is in beautiful downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I live in a small 3 1/2 located just off of St-Laurent St, which is considered to be the most culturally diverse street in Montreal (it's also where all the action is!). Come inside and have a look around the place. It's nothing you'd expect to see in House & Home, which is why I'd appreciate any comments on how to make the place more homely. Better still, if you send me a new and improved Jpeg of one of the pictures with your suggestion, I will put it up for all to see.

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UPDATE (December 13, 2016):
I have moved 3 times since the above text was written, which was way back in 1996. Back then the Internet was young and through dial-up, digital cameras and DVDs had not been invented yet, and cell phones were just that: phones. The photos you see where made from a VHS video I recorded from a borrowed video camera, which I then digitized via a video capture card.

I'll always look back at this tiny apartment with fondness, as it was the first time I was living on my own. Those were happier, simpler times, and I'm glad I kept this relic of a web site to act as a reminder how you don't need much to enjoy life.

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