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The Dank and Scud Webcam
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About The Dank and Scud Webcam
The whole webcam thing started out as a crazy idea from my good friend David Sears. We were having a couple of beers down at the local pub, thinking of what we could include on the new Dank and Scud site.

When he mentionned a webcam, all these ideas started pouring out about the various ways in which we could emulate a webcam in quake. I figured that most webcams are pretty boring to look at-- in fact 90% of the time it's the same picture.

With this in mind I wrote a little program that would randomly send one of a series of pictures to the website. The more pictures I created for a scene, the more realistic the webcam would seem. I also wrote support for several scenes of pictures, so eventually the webcam could be made up of a series of cameras.

Right now I've only created pictures for one scene (with four pictures), however more are planned. I'm also taking submissions for scenes-- send me your series of pictures (320x240), and if they're cool, I'll add the scene to the webcam.

Phase II of the webcam is to have a REAL webcam of Dank and Scud in the middle of a Deathmatch session. I don't think this would be too much of a problem-- all I'd need to write is an app that takes a screenshot every 15 seconds. Dank and Scud would have to be bots or something, and the screenshot-taking client would be in observer mode following them around. Let me know if you think you could help me out-- I'd appreciate it!

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