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Monday, December 19, 2016 7:30 PM
Hey everyone, I have re-launched the site! Welcome back!

To help mark the 20th anniversary of The Adventures of Dank and Scud, I added one new addition: a commentary track. Similar to a DVD audio commentary or a developper commentary in a video game, some panels will have an audio clip associated with them.

To hear one, simply click on the little audio icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the panel. For those with touch-screens, click on the Show Commentary Icons checkbox above each page to make them appear.
Look for these!

The clips were taken from three audio sessions I recorded with co-contributor Andrew Warrington, where we talked about the ideas and techniques that were used to create the comic. We actually narrated the whole thing, where I did the voices and he did the narration and sound effects. It ended up being almost 4 hours long, but thankfully I spared you from most of it since it's the sort of thing that only we would find entertaining. I did however throw in a few bits where you'll hear us narrate things just to keep things colourful!

Also, a little word of warning: we're not podcasters. I think the last thing I ever recorded was the message on my answering machine, so I have little experience in this medium. Also, please forgive my cringeworthy Canadian accent. Sorry for that, and how very Canadian of me to apologize.

Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy the comic all over again, and let me know what you think! I would love to hear what your favorite parts were, not just with the comics, but with Doom and Quake as well.
Monday, May 3, 1999 11:08 PM
Geez that's depressing. Did someone speed up time around here? Three months since my last update. Sheesh. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Unfortunately the reason for no update is because of just that, there's no reason to update. Once issue six was finished I was so worn out from the endeavours of comic creating that I cut my mind off from even considering another comic. Actually, that's a lie-- I am ALWAYS considering a new story for Dank and Scud.

Why so long, why so long...It's not like I haven't lost interest in comic creating. But, since the Half Life issue I haven't really gained interest either. I need to decide where I'll take Dank and Scud next-- Sin? Quake 2? Thief? Super Mario Land? Maybe I'll just leap-frog them all and have them fall into the realm of Quake 3. Well, whatever sparks my interest enough to go spelunking for screenshots will probably end up being the setting for Issue 7.

On another note, I'm heading off on a pilgrimmage to The Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Finally I'll be able to meet all the folks whose works have given me the inspiration to create Dank and Scud.

So, that's it. For now. I'll try to update more often, and hopefully next time I update I'll have something to show for it.

Thanks again for all of your support!
Monday, February 8, 1999 5:25 PM
Wow! It took less time than I thought: The Dank and Scud Storyboards Section is up.
Monday, February 8, 1999 11:11 AM
Decided to spend some time with the site and clean it up a bit. I'm preparing a whole new section, which will be up in about a week. Here's a hint (in PDF).

I've created an 'about' section to the webcam page, for those of you who are interested in how it works or wish to submit a webcam 'scene' Also, is there anything on the site you don't like, or think would be better? Let me know. Please be constructive-- i.e. Rather than write "This section sucks because of blah blah blah...", you should write "This section sucks because of blah blah blah, AND would be better if you did blah blah blah".
Tuesday, December 8, 1998 11:31 PM
Hey! Dank and Scud make PC Gamer. Check it out on page 150 in this month's issue (January 1999)!
Thursday, November 12, 1998 10:52 PM
Well, with Half-Life going Gold and all, I just had to RELEASE ISSUE 6! Have a look! This issue is BIG! You'll notice that the panels that make up the nine pages are of a much better quality than before. Unfortunately this means longer, slower download times. My apologies, but I think you'll see it was worth it.

I still have a lot of content to put up on the new site, so bear with me if some sections look a little bare.

Since the new site runs on a different platform than before, the mirrors will probably be delayed a bit-- if there are any generous people who'd like to host the site on an NT platform, mail me.

The zip file and PDF versions of the issues will be up shortly.
October 22, 1998
Welcome to the new site!

I apologize for the delay. After thinking about it, the main reason why it took so long to launch the new Dank and Scud was simple: Quake 2.

Sure, I played it. Played it a lot in fact. But no, it wasn't the PLAYING of Quake 2 that slowed me down. It was the idea of having to incorporate Dank and Scud into Quake 2.

You see, once Quake 2 came out, I HAD to redesign the skins. In doing so, I realized that the original D&S site looked pretty Quake 1-ish, so that would need to be re-done as well. Then the story...How the Hell (no pun intended) would Dank and Scud make the move, plotwise, to Stroggsville?

The whole idea of revamping the site, the skins, and the storyline was pretty daunting to me. This, of course, let to procrastination, which, of course, led to playing more Quake 2.

Luckly, I had something to distract me even more-- Half Life.

January 25, 1998
I finally put the PDF version of issue 5 up. It's a whopping 11 megs. Like I said before, it's only worth the download if you're a big fan, and want to see the comic without the jpeg fuzzies.
January 23, 1998
As promised, head over to the Media Section to finally hear what Dank and Scud sound like.
January 22, 1998
Wow. What a month. I was part of an environmental disaster! We had a freezing rain ice storm up here, which caused everything to be covered with 3 inches of ice. Not only power cables, but power pylons couldn't take the weight of the ice. The whole city went without power for days. I was without power for more than a week. And Dank and Scud, who live over at, were unplugged for a couple of days as well.
Anyways, things are finally back to normal around here. I got my heat back a couple of days ago, Dank and Scud are back on-line, and it looks like is working again. If you've had problems getting to the site in the past few weeks, I apologize. Blame it on the climate, and in the future, bookmark Dank and Scud's mirrors!
To make it up for all of you, I've got a special treat for you folks. In less than a day, you will finally get to know...well...I won't reveal it just yet. In the meantime, download the shockwave flash plug-in. Stay Tuned...
December 29, 1997
Whoops...I must have confused a few people by removing the zip files. My mistake, they were always there-- I just screwed up the links. I'm gonna fix it right now. Sorry.
(later) Just finished uploading issue 5's zip file. Usually Andrew is the one who creates the zip version, so I may have done it incorrectly. I think it got the conversion (to 8.3 file format) right, but if there's a problem let me know. The high-quality PDF version will be up shortly as well.
Some people have mailed me asking what will happen to Dank and Scud after issue 5. Is this the end? Will they be fighting The Strogg? Will they ever find the BFG? Well, you'll be happy to know that there are still plenty of Adventures about Dank and Scud that have yet to be told, not all of them in the realm of Quake. I won't reveal anything yet, but I promise you now-- Dank and Scud will NOT meet Duke Nukem and kick his ass, as so many of you have requested. The concept is well, just too cheesy, sort like Street Fighter Vs. the X-Men. Besides, I had too much fun creating new villains like The Prophet.
Before I start issue 6, I'm going to spend some time revamping the site. Believe it or not, my Day Job involves web site design and ASP programming, so I've been itching to make this site a little more efficient and better looking (and fix that dang old counter). Tune in here for up-to-the-week updates on my progress.
Can you believe it-- people are already asking me when issue 6 will be out! Sheesh...
December 28, 1997
Page 5 is done. And, oh look! Page 6 is done as well! Starting page 7...
WAIT A SEC! There is no page 7! Issue 5 is done! Have fun! Enjoy!
December 9, 1997
Page 4 is done, but who cares-- Quake II is out! Don't worry, I've promised myself not to play it until I've finished the two remaining pages...
(Yeah, right. --ed.)
November 26, 1997
Finished page 3. That's all I wanted to say-- you know, to stick to my word on keeping you posted.
November 17, 1997
Finished page 2, and a bit of page 3. Things are really rolling now. On another note, I finished Riven. Great game. And as cheesy as this may look, I decided to commemorate the moment with the following picture:
Yes, Riven was a great experience. It's too bad so many people are going to shun it because they haven't improved the interface. From a newcomer's point of view, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the sequel and its predecessor. Anticipation can cloud a fan's experience, and I'm sure many Riven fans were expecting more (even I was expecting the 360 degree panning that made Zork Nemesis so enjoyable).
Luckly, the folks at Cyan humbly ousted the competition by simply having an adventure game WITHOUT puzzles. Zork Nemesis, Obisian, Drowned God-- they're all cursed by the same problem-- a intriguing plot, beautiful pictures, wonderful music, inevitable puzzles. Yes, these games are enjoyable, but so is GAMES magazine.
Riven lets you discover without the worry that you're going to encounter some frustrating variation of checkers which you have to win in order to get you to the next cutscene. It's no wonder Riven didn't improve the interface.
But what's a Quake player doing playing an adventure game? Play Quake like a sport. Play Riven like a novel. 'Nuff said.
November 16, 1997
A big thanks goes out to Barnabas "Barney" Toth, who optimized the lag-inducing banner I made a couple of months ago (see below). What was 127K is now a slimmer 50K. Richard Simmons would be proud. Thanks, Barney!
November 13, 1997
Hmmm....Another Coincidence:

blue dank
Blue from Blues News & Quakecast Dank from, well, you know

Separated at birth? You be the Judge.
November 4, 1997
I've discovered something-- In Mark Laidlaw's cyberpunk short story titled "400 Boys", one of the characters says "Aw, Skud", which I've learned is cyberpunk-slang for "shit".
Coincidence? We think not.
Mark Laidlaw is currently developping the story for Valve's eagerly awaited game, Half-Life. For those who wish to pursue this snippit of conspiracy, the story is included in the 1986 cyberpunk anthology "Mirrorshades" (edited by Bruce Sterling, ISBN 0-441-53382-5). Pretty weird, if you ask me...
November 3, 1997
Wow, another month has gone by. I've completed one and a half pages of issue 5, but more importantly I finished creating the level for the final scene. I was faced with the decision to either find a level in Quake which best matched the scene I needed, or create it myself. Luckly, I chose the latter. It takes longer, I know, but we want quality here, right? Like, you can't have a chariot scene in a parking lot, now can you? Geez, Mike, that ought a confuse them...
They say you can find anything on the Internet. Well, that just ain't true. The other night I spent over two hours looking for pictures of explosions. I searched high and low, and couldn't find a single puff! I finally found one on a movie site, which will remain unamed for the sake of the copyright protection (especially after all that foxing that's been going on lately).
So when will issue 5 be out? Hell if I know. I'm working on it. Rather than give you a date, I'll let you know here whenever I finish a page worth, that way you'll get a better idea of the progress. Oh and, the title for issue 5 is: "A Void At All Costs"
'till then,
September 23, 1997 (6:41 a.m.)
Back from Italy. Incredible trip. My new apartment is empty, except for the computer. The empty rooms are making my keyclicks echo all over the place. I don't even have the speakers here yet, so I can't even play Quake. There's nothing for me to do here except finish issue 5, and there's nothing more I want to do.
August 30th, 1997
Finally, I have some time to update.
Busy, busy, busy. I've been so busy lately that the only free time I've had for developping Dank and Scud is at work (ssshh, don't tell them!). Ok, here's the deal:

- I'm moving. As of September 1st I will no longer be found at my Old Apartment.
- To make things a little more challenging, tomorrow I will be going to Italy, for three weeks. Still hasn't really hit me yet, but yeah, I'm thrilled. Finally, a vacation!
- Combining the two items above = = chaos.

Now, 9 out of 10 campers would agree that Real Life has taken over for Michael Houston. Nope. Nada. In your dreams. It seems that the lack of time in front of the computer has caused the creative juices to flow-- I have many plans for Dank and Scud once issue 5 is released. Here are some tidbits:

- It's offical-- Dank and Scud will make a brief cameo appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Quake. Well, Dank will, Scud might have some problems, since he really dislikes lawyers, let alone fans of "disposable assasins". I might be able to get his younger brother, Scuz, to understudy for him. I first spoke of this on Pseudo's Quakecast (July 31, 1997), where I successfully confused the hosts by first mentionning the Sony Playstation, then the Sega Saturn. Only the latter is true.
- Issue 5 is underway. It will be out mid-end October (As much as I would like to, I am NOT bringing my computer with me to Italy). Being the final issue in the "Doom Guy" series, there will be a lot of climatic elements, as well as plenty of explosions.
- We've started a Monday Night Quakeworld over here in Montreal, where every Monday night a bunch of friends set up a server and play until our eyes bleed. It's quite fun, really. So much fun that we're going to set up a permanent Dank and Scud server. For now it'll be a simple QW CTF server, but we have major plans for this one. Here's the idea: We're going to have two new runes, one looking like a 'D', the other, an 'S'. If you're lucky enough to pick one up, you become Dank or Scud. This is great, cause this means that there'll always be only one Dank and one Scud in the server at a time. Being Dank or Scud will deem you with quite unique abilities, ALL of which pertain to the issues. I've already created Scud's Special Weapon in QuakeC. Ahhh...QuakeC-- remind me to thank John Carmack for creating a tool to make me believe that I was actually programming a game. Anyway, the weapon is....well, now that would be giving away the plot for issue 5.
- At about the same time that we're developing the Dank and Scud CTF server, Dank and Scud will finally jump into something a little more interactive. A couple of weeks ago I had an incredible web based idea for Dank and Scud, which could only be done on the web, and would actually highlight, not hinder, the comic. I won't go into detail until issue 5 is completed first.

So, yes, Dank and Scud are alive and well. The web site is not dead, just off-season for the next few weeks. Until then, Ciao!

- Michael.
July 23, 1997
Andrew here... yet again.
Can't resist but to use this very public forum to display a pic or two of my little girl, taken early this afternoon. And no, she doesn't always frown. She only frowns when her parents force her to sit in front of a camera.
Ok, enough with that. I've indulged myself now. This is, after all, a Quake page....
July 23, 1997
I am pleased to announce that Andrew, the "Dank" of D&S, is the proud father of a baby girl. ZoƩ Alejandra Warrington-Arroyo was born on Sunday, July 20th at 8:18 pm. Please mail him your best wishes. Amazing, not even a day old and she's already learning to circle strafe...
I've uploaded the PDF version of Issue 4. Strange, at 7 MB it's two megs bigger than the last. I figure this is due to the increased jpeg quality that Photoshop 4.0 uses to create PDFs, but I'm only guessing.
July 18, 1997
Andrew here again -
I have heard from a couple of our mirror site maintainers and would like to thank them for their quick responses, especially given that I have not written them in a while. Thank you Piotr Marek and Lachlan Smith. Our sites Poland and Australia are now up-to-date again.
July 17, 1997
Well, it's taken half a year to create, but it's finally done. Issue 4 is ready. Enjoy! The PDF version should appear shortly.
NOTE: Issue 4 is BIG. When I say BIG, I picture size BIG. It all still fits at 800x600 resolution, but the pages are longer (it's actually two panels bigger than issue 3!). What this means is that you might get unloaded pictures for the page with your browser. I've found that only way around this is A) free up more memory, or B) read the PDF version. Why does it seem bigger? Well, my guess is that I did all the work for issue 4 in 1072x768 resolution (not 800x600 like before), which made me unintentionally create bigger panels (because things looked smaller). When I saw the work in 800x600, the images really popped out at me (you're in for a treat!)
MIRRORS: Unfortunately, we've kinda kept out of touch with the hosts of the Dank and Scud mirrors sites, so you may have to wait a bit until they appear there. We would appreciate it if the kind administrators of these mirrors could contact us so we can get it up as soon as possible. He's still in charge of updating the mirrors, so try to contact him first. Thanks.
Enjoy QuakeCon!
- MH.
June 30, 1997
Time for an update...
First off, I'd like to apologize with my pathetic email upkeep. No, my email is NOT broken-- I've read all your email, and will eventually reply-- once the issue is done. I hope this relatively large update can somehow make up for this. Sorry.
The issue is coming along just fine. Great, in fact. So great, that I've decided to give you all a release date:
About a week ago I had a nice IRC chat with The Ranger's Unknown Soldier. He told me that RGB 3, the Rangers new movie, would be shown during QuakeCon '97, which gave me the idea to release Issue 4 at the same time. Please do note, however, that this co-release does not mean that the issue and the movie are tied together in any way.
For those of you who are interested in playing against Dank and Scud, try out (No longer valid). It's a local CTF Quake server set up by some friends at our generous ISP, and Andrew (Dank) and I (Scud) usually log on several times a week to vent our frustrations. Word has it that Andrew has since become a CTF junkie, so expect to see Dank on there more often. If you see Scud on there, it's me, so please tell me to get off the server and finish the issue, damn it!
Speaking of On-Line fragging, I was playing around with the ReaperBot and managed to set up a Dank and Scud server, which you could join and fight against two Dank and Scud ReaperBots. It was the first time I ever saw these two in action, and gosh they were good. Now, if I could only get them to stop fighting each other (it would seem I wasn't enough of a challenge for them). Still, if anyone has the resources to have this set up on a permanent basis, I'd love to help make an official Dank and Scud QuakeWorld Deathmatch server.
Last week I made a wonderful purchase- I am now the proud owner of a Diamond Monster 3D accelerator. This card must have some sort of black magic wired into its circuits (no wonder they call it a Voodoo chipset). Geez, I must have spent an hour looking into the ultra-smooth plasma texture of a teleporter. Once I snapped back from my hipnotic state, I tried out a screenshot. Impressive -- it saved it as a targa file (due to its 16-bitness). When I tried loading it in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, however, it didn't look right. Upon closer inspection, the screenshot looked sort of, well, interlaced (pronounced horizontal lines):
GL Quake Screenshot Detail at 200%
I haven't tried any other screen resolutions or refresh rates, so I don't know yet if there is a solution. What I DO know is that the screenshots I've found on the Internet "seem" to be of a much better quality. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. If I can get the images to be sharp enough, expect issue 5 to be the first GL Quake ehanced issue of Dank and Scud!

May 29, 1997
Wow...I must be getting better at this-- it's taken me half the time it normally takes for me to lay out a page, yet with twice the quality. I'm starting to use the new and improved version of the Quake Model Editor, and now have much more freedom in having Dank and Scud pose for me. Here's a sample:
Geez, I must have given away the whole storyline with that pic. Sorry. The issue is coming along wonderfully, although I must confess-- I like spending time designing the comic. What I mean is, the more complicated or challenging the panel, the more I enjoy laying it out. This, in turn, usually means I spend too much time fiddling with the graphics. Please be patient.
On another note-- a lot of good games have come out recently (Interstate '76, MDK, etc). Well, now that they've been completed and behind me, I can now devote ALL my time to the comic. Jedi Knight won't be out until September, so that should give me plenty of time to finish the issues, heh, heh.
Oh yeah, before I forget-- the first two pages are complete.
May 12, 1997
I feel like I've been keeping the fans of Dank and Scud in the dark. I apologize. Here's the news:
Item #1: Where the hell is issue 4? I'm asked that on average three times a day, and my simple answer is, I'm working on it. I'm working on it on a daily basis. Trouble is, to the rest of the world, it looks as though I'm sitting around doing nothing. All I can say is that at least one new panel is drawn every day. I could give in to the threats and put up a page at a time, but what fun would that be?
To put you in better spirits, I have some startling news for you: I've finished the storyboard for issue 4 AND 5. I had 8 pages written, and wanted to add more, so I split it up into two. Issue 4 will be five pages, issue 5 will have six. It'll only take a fraction of the time to create the fifth issue, since most of the model editing and skin re-drawing will be done already. Great news, eh? This means there's more to come after issue 4, and it'll come sooner. Aren't you excited? Just, please be patient. Issue 4 will not be the Direct3D port of Dank and Scud, if you know what I mean.
Other good news-- Issue 4 will be laid out on a nice new 17 inch monitor, and I just got Photoshop 4.0. I'm in heaven.

Item #2: You may have noticed that I've been updating the news page these past few times. The reason is that Real Life has taken control of my PR person, Andrew Warrington. This is a set-back for you, since you will not be informed as often. Not to worry though-- Andrew still helps me out with the storyline and humour, so at least there's no set-back for the comic. When I say Real Life, I mean it-- Andrew will be a father this summer.
Item #3: What's with Dank and Scud Interactive? Originally, I thought I'd take some time off the comic and play with other Dank and Scud media. Even though I enjoyed creating these little experiments in art, I still felt the pull of issue 4. I was interested in Dank and Scud Interactive, but I was more interested in getting issue 4 out. So, I'm going to put this whole Interactive thing on the least until the next Rangers movie comes out...
Item #4: Here's a little known fact: Dank and Scud are featured on the CD of the June issue of Computer Gaming World. There's no write-up to speak of, but it's there on the CD in PDF format. Still, it's nice to have the comics finally on permanent media.
So, there you have it. Once I finish this update, I will be entering Cocoon Mode, and will not emerge until issue 4 is finished.
April 24, 1997
Here's a flashy Dank and Scud banner for those of you who wish to include a link to Dank and Scud on your web page. Share and enjoy.

April 17, 1997
Dank and Scud made a visit to the QuakeCast on Thursday...They got a chance to meet Mexican Mace Royer in the Studio. Have a look!

For the curious, the original pic is from the Live Studio Cam at the Pseudo site. During the show I scraped the pic from Netscape, and had the Dank and Scud version posted here before the show was over, so that the chatters could see. Although you couldn't really see it here, but Mace was smoking cigars, which is the butt (no pun intended) of Scud's joke.
- MH.


March 26, 1997
Due to popular demand, I've re-created the "Boulevard of Broken Limbs" picture down below to a higher resolution. It is now a 155K jpeg, clocking in at 1024x768x16bit. You can find it right here. Enjoy.
- MH.
March 15, 1997
Michael here. No, Andrew is still about, I'm just sabotaging his news page. My birthday is on St-Patrick's day. So, to celebrate, here's some nice doom-suit green text for ya! Andrew, you realize how long our fans have been waiting for issue four? We gotta give them something! Fans, I know what it's like to wait for something-- I've been waiting for the new Nine Inch Nails album for what seems like months. At least Trent put out The Perfect Drug to keep us happy. Well, I feel we should do the same. So here, more artwork...

Dank and Scud have asked The Escher Clan to help them find that awfully clever weapon, the BFG. Can you help them find it?
Well, that was fun. Did I make you click? Thought so. Here's one more:


Yes, I know these files are big. This is because a lot of people asked me if I could send them a higher quality image of Boulevard of Broken Limbs. Well, unfortunately, the quality you see down below was the best I could find on the Internet (I have since found a 1234x673x16M copy of it -- expect an update). So, the two images above are of a higher quality, and should suffice to be your Windows wallpaper.
As for the images, I should give credit where credit is due. Here are the titles and authors of the works I used, from the top:
Relativity -- M.C. Escher
Sleep -- Salvador Dali
Nighthawks -- Edward Hopper

The pictures you see here will eventually find a home in a new "Art Gallery" section, which will be part of the "Dank and Scud Interactive" site. This Art Gallery will house the numerous submissions I've received by people who have started their own Quake related artwork. I'm hoping the three pictures I've created here will prime the pump of artistic endeavor. If you do wish to send me your artwork for The Gallery, PLEASE send it in jpeg format. It's a bit frustrating to wait for a 1 meg bitmap to arrive via e-mail.

Other news: I've created PDF files of the comics. To most, this may not seem like much, but it's a tremendous improvement over our zip-file thing. Check them out in our new PDF section.
I'd also like to once again say thanks to all who support Dank and Scud. Issue four won't let you down. Like Andrew said, we've been talking about it, and all I'm going to reveal is the title: Welcome to the Machine. Isn't it great how many ideas can sprout from a single title? I bet right now you're all thinking about what it could be about. Well for now, listen to the song.
Happy St-Patrick's Day.
March 9, 1997
What to say... what to say. Well, despite the quiet on the pagefront, there is a lot of stuff going on right now. Michael is actually working on many Dank & Scud projects at once. We meet to discuss things like Issue 4, Dank and Scud Interactive, and "The Big Surprise" (a new opportunity that has arisen in the last 2 weeks). I write this so that you do not despair. A new issue will come, and there will be plenty of goodies in it. As I like to say, "Don't forget us, we're not dead!" It may be another month before you hear another peep out of me, but hey, you're still likely to see the next Dank & Scud "thing" before you see Quake 2.
I hope that's not a depressing thought. :-)
February 11, 1997
Ok, here's one for the InFrequently Asked Questions, as put forth by Michael Richards (a fan). BTW - Mr. Richards... Are you the same one we see on TV? I didn't know you were a Quake addict....
Do Dank And Scud Like TOAST?
Dank's answer: Yes.
Scud's answer: What?
It's always my pleasure to provide more intellectual reading for you, the Quake community. Thank you, thank you. - Andrew
January 27, 1997
Here are the first few questions to be considered common enough to be included in a FAQ:
How do Dank and Scud get email in the world of Quake?
Dank's answer: Forget email. I just want a change of clothes.
Scud's answer: (fakes a foreign accent) I been e male since I be born. No need to get m'e male. Heh.
Do Dank and Scud "walk on the other side of the fence"?
Dank's answer: There are no fences in Quake.
Scud's answer: When your only human contact for years is someone like Dank, you end up being kind of asexual. But the FGB gave me wOOd.
January 26, 1997
As you may have read on Blue's, Michael has done a little something for Dank & Scud Interactive:
Yes, yes, I know... It's not exactly interactive. We're working on that. When we say interactive, we mean some of it.
On another front - the zip files are up after much procrastination. For those of you with Win3x systems, or those using pkunzip 2.04x, I am sorry that your systems were not supported at first. But I have corrected the problem... all references to "html" have been changed to "htm".
Any Quake fanatics in the Montreal area? Write me.
January 8, 1997
This email came to my attention yesterday. It started as a message someone sent to the new company Ion Storm. It then got forwarded to us and Michael replied.
At 07:49 PM 1/7/97 -0600, you wrote:
>At 09:30 AM 1/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>ok, this is like an unknown figure, i hang out on irc (efnet) #quake ...
>>my name there is "roman", and as i was reading the last issue of dank
>>and scud, a quake comic book type of thing, located at
>> , anyways, in the latest issue. the doom
>>guy god brutaly killed... i didnt like this. since he IS my hero and all
>>(not kiddin, i even have the same hair-cut as him). so, i started
>>complaining in #quake, because the doom guy got killed. so, some people
>>suggested that john romero killed him. and, since this is john romero's
>>new company... its only fair that i ask you guys if he did it... or he
>>ever had intentions of doing it. dont think im a idiot, but some dudes
>>in #quake told me to ask you guys. because they didnt have the guts to
>>do it. so anyways, do you think that john romero killed the good guy? or
>>did he ever think about killing the doom guy? anyways, thanks for your
>>responce in advance.
>I would never kill my Doom Guy. I love him. I was sorry to see him killed
>in the last issue, but maybe he just pressed SPACEBAR and got back up at
>the start of the level and you just didn't see him!
>| John Romero Game Designer Ion Storm |
>| |

Ha! Well, I think I could clarify things a bit. After consulting the
scriptures, I can confidently say that John Romero is not the one
who killed the Doom guy. On the contrary, my dear fellow - it was
the Doom guy who killed John Romero.

On the Third Panel, of the Third Page, of the Third Issue (hmmm, sounds
biblical), you may notice the head of Romero, proudly mounted on the

Well, John, I must say you're looking pretty good for a dead guy.
What's your secret, decappinated coffee? Heh.

- Michael.
January 7, 1997
Blue scooped me on my own news! Blue and Joost Shuur win the awards for fastest updates. They both had a mention of issue 3 within an hour of the time we released, I think. But Blue went even further and posted an email from Mike that I hadn't even seen yet! Well, it saves me from scripting the HTML. Here it is, stolen directly from Blue's News:
New Dank & Scud
Dank & Scud Issue 3: Marine Corpse, has come out. Here's the new location of The Adventures of Dank & Scud (though the old one won't be removed--they need the mirrors for these graphically intensive works). As for the future, author Michael Houston explains:

Before we start creating issue 4, we're going to spend the next few months creating a sort of "Dank & Scud Interactive" section of the site. This'll include all the odd ideas we've had for D&S that couldn't be done with a comic. Rather than make the comic more media-infested with animations, sound clips and what-not (thereby making it less of a comic), we decided to create a new section which would contain all these things and more. Quake, combined with the Internet, spans countless forms of media, and we don't want Dank and Scud to be limited to just one.
So, please don't ask when issue 4 will be out - we won't start it until after March. Instead, ask when The Official Dank & Scud Win95 Desktop Theme will be out!
January 5, 1997
Start off the New Year with some gibbage. Issue 3 is here!! Michael finished it up and it's now available in most of the locations where Dank and Scud pages are displayed. Go read it here.
With the release of this issue, there are three announcements to make:
1. Dank and Scud have a new home at However, you will still be able to access Dank and Scud at the old address.
2. We have a new Australian site, right over (not here anymore!). (Thanks Lachlan Smith.)
3. Our next project will not be a comic, but rather, something I will elaborate on in my next update.
Enjoy Issue 3.
December 30, 1996
I know, I know... If we were working for you and took this long to produce something, you'd have us fired. Well, the problem is that we work for someone else, and it's the Christmas season, and, well, yeah.
What Michael has been doing instead of D&S: Since I last updated this page Michael has created a system for our workplace that could drastically reduce our company's paper usage. Hey, he's a programmer with a mission...
Dec 12 - 30... That makes 2.5 weeks since the last update!! Jeez... Doesn't mean we're not working on it though.
Don't forget about us... We're not dead... Dank and Scud live on...
December 12, 1996
A new mirror site - in Poland. The very patient Piotr Marek, Jr. has set us up a site. In fact, it was set up weeks ago and I didn't mention it until now. Ahem... well... erm... yep.
We have a new counter!! It was provided by David Sears, Internet Guy. Accompanying the kind gesture was an email:
Subject: You've got your counter, now F*** OFF!
[end of email]
I guess we were pestering him a lot. Seriously though, Dave is not really bitter... It's just his sense of humour.
From what I understand, this counter shows the actual number of hits since day 1. A lot more than I had imagined!
December 10, 1996
There is much mail asking Mike when #3 will be ready. Well, yes... it might be nice to know that. Personally, I look at it from a mathematical standpoint. Four out of eight pages are done. Michael started drawing the issue a month ago. If one half of the issue takes one month, then two halves take...
Of course, he's gotten to the part of the issue that he was really dying to draw, so maybe this will speed him up. He calls the next few pages "eye candy"...
December 8, 1996
PC Gamer. January. 1997. Buy it. Go to page 200-and-something. Mike picks up where he left off on the Quakecast about how much time he spends in the shower.
Coming soon: New relief for Australian readers...
December 4, 1996
Issue 3: 3 of 8 pages done. I know it's painfully slow, but Michael is doing a fine fine job on this issue. Page 3 has been technically challenging. It's always like this; some pages take a week, some are done in a night.
December 1, 1996
It's Thanksgiving in the US, and as a result, we Canadians have all decided to take a week off. More news will be posted when it happens or when that week of vacation is up, whichever comes first.
November 26, 1996
For those of you who noticed, our page was acting wonky for a while there. (You like my word... "wonky"?) Yeah... after it got resolved I mailed a not-to-be-named employee of our internet service provider, and got an interesting response:
Me: Are you guys constantly under attack from hackers, or are your problems just the same everyday problems that anyone would have if they wanted to run an Internet Provider? Just curious...
Response: Aliens
[end of mail]
Micheal has finished page 2. This is a big deal because he had to teach himself some new tricks to get the last panel of that page done... I think that there are going to be a lot of technically challenging panels in this issue.
Mirror, mirror, on the Net [groan]
Following their IKEAn dreams, Dank and Scud have gone to Sweden, where they can now be found here. This is great news for European Dank and Scud fans - a mirror site to call your own.
November 24, 1996
STOP! Go get this: RealAudio 3.0. Done? Installed? Ok, good. Now click here to hear Michael Houston on the Quakecast! (I'm in there too... Listen for "ALMOST!"... that's me.)
November 23, 1996
New Orleans has jazz, Mardi Gras, cobblestones and ... Dank and Scud!
If you find yourself in the southern United States, you might prefer looking at our page from (not here anymore), our new mirror set up in New Orleans by Brian Grisaffi. Thanks Brian!
November 20, 1996
The following dialogue took place between Michael and myself over the phone, when discussing a piece of mail Mike had received:
Andrew: Yes, I think I do feel gleeful when a baddie explodes into a shower of gibs in front of me...

Michael: ... And when the gibs fall all around, it's like confetti ...
[gleeful snickering and grunts of agreement]
... ...
... Well, maybe you had to be there. Anyway, back to the comic. 3 panels of page 2 are done.
November 19, 1996
News from Michael!
Page 1 of Issue 3 is done. That's out of a total of 8 pages planned so far. Progress...
Answer to the guy who said that he'd like a Dank and Scud T-shirt:
November 14, 1996
Issue 3 is going to be BIG. So find and memorize the location of your nearest T1, 'cause it's going to be a bandwidth bonanza! :-)
If you come back in about two weeks, production will really be moving, and this news page will be getting updated much more frequently.
Oh yeah - There's something on the horizon for this site... Something new... Something Michael and I have only just started to talk about. A secret project. More about that after Issue 3.
November 12, 1996 (4:46 am)
When is issue 3 coming out?!
Soon. Chill. Michael and I had some good laughs on the phone tonight as we talked about the 3rd issue. The issue is in the preliminary graphical stages. That means we're at the part where Michael is doing his Photoshop thing.
Well, it has been a week. Still no sign of any improvement on the Australian site. In fact, I haven't even heard from our contact. I sincerely hope he's alright over there....
November 5, 1996 (2:11 am)
Yes, we know. The Australian site has been down for a while. They were hit with some misfortune. I forsee them being operational again within 24 - 48 hours.
Michael, David Sears and I got together to discuss some ideas for the comic, and things are coming along. I think Michael's head is now working full-time on Issue 3. He's already named it. He was even doing a few sketches while we drank our beer.
October 29, 1996
Well, I haven't updated in the last few days. There hasn't been much going on. It's the calm between the storms. However, I did have an email exchange with David Sears, our consultant for All Things Internet. It went something like this:
Hi Dave!
Hi Andrew!
How are ya?
Good... but busy
ok...ok ok ok ... I was wondering two things:
1. How is it that Odyssee doesn't yell at Mike and me for
using up so much bandwidth??? (People downloading Dank and Scud...)
Dank and Scud might be popular bud but it aint no Yahoo. It
doesn't cause a problem. We have Pentiums!
2. What's the ETA on the domain name?
One week
3. (oops - 3 things.) Are you going to have a Halloween party?
Don't think it's gonna happen

Time to thank Greg Ross. He sent me the suggestion of splitting the table on the front page into two rows to get rid of the text-display problem. In fact, I copy-and-pasted the HTML right out of the email he sent me. Sure, it means we lose that great "text-over-image" effect, but if you can't read the text, what point is there anyway?? Thank you Greg for taking the time to look at this.
October 25, 1996 (later)
Well, a lot of interesting news today...

I had lunch with our good friend David Sears, who is in charge of All Things Internet for the page. He informed me that our domain name has been approved. This being the case, we will probably be making a move within a week. No worries, though, we'll leave behind a link to the new location...
Also on the internet front, David managed to fix my email @webframes, and I received all the mail that I thought was lost forever. I received messages from a few people interested in setting up mirror sites... so we'll see where that leads us.
October 25, 1996
Poor Michael has realised that his half-day of vacation is over and it's time soon to really jump into issue 3... For those who wonder, issue 3 will be done "when it's ready", which is to say, not extremely soon. Michael likes to say that his main concern is quality...
When issue 3 is ready I will post it to
And now for something completely different:
The other night I went a little crazy with the HTML's... added all kinds of "onMouseOver" parameters... I was really tired, ok?? (excuses, excuses...) Today, though, I'm going to do something very functional, at the request of Cameron Gregory. I'm going to add WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters to the IMG tags to speed up the loading a little.
October 23, 1996
Whoa! I just realised that my (Andrew's) email address @webframes doesn't work!! Hum. Well, the situation is corrected now. I have replaced all the links on this site with my other working email address. Please note - if you sent me mail via one of these links since this news section was started - I did not get it. However, not to panic. Michael, as well as Dank and Scud, have been receiving their mail. Well, I think I've droned on long enough about this...
Give credit where credit is due: I wanted to mention the efforts of Cameron Gregory, who has provided us with our counter. I think it's about the best looking counter around. Thanks, Cameron!
October 22, 1996
I'm pleased to announce that the Australian mirror site is now fully functional. So if you're Australian, or if you happen to be in Australia, or both, you might get more satisfaction reading this page (no longer) here.
Special thanks goes out to Nathan Tallack for setting that up for us. Australian users, mail him and thank him - he sped up your load time!
October 21/22, 1996 (midnight)
Issue 2 is finally here! Stop reading this lame page and go check it out!
Still here? Read the issue already? Ok... then I ought to tell you that we have a mirror site in the works... Should be running within 24 hours... Very exciting stuff for us small town kids...
October 20, 1996

Answer: Well, ... no. Issue 2 is not here yet. And please don't shout. Issue 2 is finished, though. Actually, it's so good, we've decided to keep it to ourselves for a while. No, that's not true. We're actually doing final touch-ups and edits. As I type this I'm on the phone with Michael and he's concentrating deeply on his screen.... You can tell he's concentrating when he starts to make noises... He's starting to sound like the Swedish Chef... "GIB Gib gib gib gib gib...."
October 17, 1996
I think that last night Michael didn't get as much done on the comic as he'd wanted to... because he was at work until 11:00 pm. (Note: Michael and I work at the same place. He works a day shift, and I work a night shift.) But I expect that he'll damn near finish Issue 2 tonight. Although I can't say for sure, I feel that Issue 2 will be released within about 60 hours...
I have some work to do for Issue 2 myself... work I have been neglecting. That being said, I am now going to turn my full attention to the completion of Issue 2. There may not be any more updates to this section for the next couple of days.
See y'all soon!
October 16, 1996 (5:34 am)
Finally! Mike has told me that he should be finished Issue 2 within a week. When we spoke earlier today, he had just overcome a major roadblock, and was happily moving forward. (Actually, he started making weird noises on the phone. Then he laughed maniacally. Then he hung up.) ... But don't worry about his health. It's a part of his creative process.
Other stuff:
I've been desperately trying to figure out what to do about that bug on the main page... where the text between the pictures of Dank and Scud doesn't appear properly unless you scroll down and then back up again. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd appreciate an email at
October 15, 1996
Today Michael and I agreed that under no circumstances will Dank and Scud be used to sponsor other services. This means no advertisements. We feel that to make money from the site will result in it becoming too much like a job, and will take away from the spirit of the comic.
On another note, I put in an application today for a domain name for Dank and Scud. It should be coming through in a couple of weeks.
October 14, 1996
EMAIL ADDRESSES! Yup. You can now reach our heros at their respective addresses, and You can also click on their 'mugs on the main page to send them a note.

UPDATE (December 13, 2016): These addresses no longer work, so please use
October 13, 1996
Michael, (with some of my help, of course!), has planned out the story lines for the next two issues. Issue 2, to be released within two weeks, has been completely sketched, and is in production. At the time of this writing, three of the five pages were completed, and Michael was taking sick days off work to complete page four. Don't email me asking to see the pages! Michael keeps them on his hard drive, which is locked inside his computer, which you can't turn on without an authorisation code. The computer is sealed in an airtight room 400 feet underground. When the time comes to release an issue, Michael activates the elevator with a retina scan and descends. He then copies the encrypted files to a Zip drive, which he locks in a briefcase. The briefcase cannot be opened unless you have both keys. Michael carries one key, and the other is held by the security guard at the WebFrames server.
Well, okay... It's not that bad... but he's asked me to keep a tight lid on the issues until their release dates...
October 12, 1996
Okay, okay... Everybody's role has changed a little since Issue 1. Here's the list of contributors as I see it:

Michael Houston: Concept, design, graphics, script, page layout, story and ego. Wants nothing more than to be invited to some sort of id Software Quake event.

Andrew Warrington: Story, "The Idea Guy tm", criticism, criticism, criticism, web page maintenance and alter-ego. Wants nothing more than to be invited by extension when Michael gets invited to some sort of id Software Quake event.

David Sears: Our consultant for All Things Internet. What he lacks in presence he makes up for in wit. Gives great advice such as "You figure it out, I'm busy".

Greg Houston: Always kicks my butt in deathmatch. Don't want to talk about him.

id Software: Sets, models, lights, sounds, inspiration, history. 'nuff said. To see the original contributors list, click here.
Before October 12, 1996
We have heard from a couple of people who are interested in creating mirror sites in Europe and Australia. We think this is a great idea, and are looking into it further. A page like this is the last thing you want to have to download across an ocean....
Michael's hard drive crashed! Aurgh! We lost everything! Skins! Background textures! Original uncompressed frames! Oh, well. It's Hell, but what can you do.
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